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12. juni 2006

F3F contest

Norway's southwest coast does not often have 25 degrees and sun. Today it happened and we even had some wind! This F3F contest was a test for a new slope in Aksdal close to Haugesund. A typical inland slope approx. 60-70 meter high. Unfortunately we had yet again some cross wind and this made it pretty difficult to land. But somehow we managed ten rounds flying 2 and 2. Clearly we had some thermal influence but this just added some fun to it. Only 4 pilots this time but we had some help on A-base so it was no problem to run it. Aerotorp won, then came Moellis, Rolf B and Rolle Rolf. Pictures by me and showing Rolf flying his RaceM, but I used his SuperDuper Canon camera with a big lens. Check for results.

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