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30. juli 2007

World Championship F3B

I thought I finally should write a little bit about this years World Championship F3B. This was my first time in Switzerland since a ski holiday in the French part of the Alps (we could ski over to Switzerland). So it was really my first time here. I only regret one thing about the trip..... I should have made it to the top of the Pilatus! Well it only means I have to go back one day. Here you can see what I missed:
I was not really in Switzerland for a holiday anyway. Up at 06.30 every day is not my kind of holiday but F3B is something it is all worth getting up early for. I'll be honest and say it is easier when the results is better than I experienced this time but I have only my self to blame. No training and no preparation this time due to work related stuff was hindering me.
But overall I think I learned a lot and I will certainly not give up this sport. I could also see clearly that many countries had done their homework and came well prepared and their results showed that clearly. Good to see the French guys were doing well, likewise with the Aussies. Also Holland were doing well. The Americans surprised a lot of people grabbing 3rd place.
What I like about the sport is that it brings me around and I would not mind if the USA, Argentina, Japan or some other country would try to host it. I think it is about time that some non European country hosted the World Championship. My advise to any nation wanting to host this is to get an Airline sponsor if possible. This will make it a lot easier for most of the Europeans to accept a bid from overseas. Maybe it could be possible to charter a plane as well. A chartered plane from central Europe would be a very interesting way of doing it.

The contest was dominated by the Germans and especially the Herrig brothers. Martin Herrig only lost about 40 points of maximum and that is remarkable. The conditions were not easy to master and many pilots lost a lot of points in duration and distance. Speed conditions were not super fast as one may expected the last two days when the weather was getting better.