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3. august 2006

Orebro Open F3B

Wow! What a weekend for me. Second place and Speedmaster was perhaps a little more than I expected going over to Sweden and the Eurotour event (
Our small team did a great job and we got good help from friends during the most difficult tasks. Erik Morgan was pretty happy with 9th. spot and I think Egil Roland was satisfied with his international debut and 22nd. place. Our team placed 5th overall and that also was quite good I think. My Speedmaster title was won win speeds of 18, 17 and 2 times 16 seconds run. We flew the last speed in reverse order and I was 4th. last to go. My first launch was bad and Erik told me so (thanks), the next launch was super and all I had to do was fly safely and I did so with a low 16 seconds speed. This put some pressure on Pasi Vaisanen, Martin Weberschock and Tobias Knoblauch. I won the last speed but Tobias beat me with the nessecary points. Anyway he deserved to win after a good contest.
I would like to thank the Swedish organisers for a well done job. I have attended this comp. for many, many years and for us living up north it is a must for us to find out where we stand
compared to the Germans, Swedes, Danes, Dutch and the Finnish guys.
And BTW, I flew my brand new RaceM F3B which I have specced for F3F this year, it means it is rather heavy but with my luck this year it did not matter. Tobias and Martin flew their new Radical's.

Heikki Astikainen, veteran F3B pilot!
Two good friends of mine, Søren Helsted launching Jan Hansen's X21 on practice day.
The A-base, at least one guy looks relaxed here!
Joakim Staal surprised me with his new model, a Crossfire. I guess there is not so much time building the Racemachine anymore.
Gjermund Westad launching Kunt Vidar's Europhia 2
Tobias Knoblauch, the winner of this years Orebro Open
The Norwegians minus Erik and me.

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