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14. august 2006

Norwegian Championship F3F

The Norwegian Championship category F3F 2006 was held by the club Haugaland MFK north of Stavanger. The organizer had done a lot of work prior to the Championship and I felt sorry for them as the wind did not cooperate at all. Saturday looked promising but the conditions was very variable mostly because of the wrong wind direction. At least some pilots thought it was OK as they got reasonable conditions and flew well. The main problem was the fact that we only managed 4 rounds in two full days.
But worthy podium winners was Jo Grini (Crossfire), Rolf Rettedal (RaceM F3F), and Jack Farstad (RaceM F3F) all of them flew very well and took advantage of the conditions they got.
Fastest time went to Geir Njaa (RaceM F3F) with 47,52 in 4th. round.

Thanks to all the helpers who did a very solid job during the race.

This competition again showed us that we could make good use of a better weather station that could monitor the contest a little better than the manual measurement we are doing now.

Check for full results

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