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27. mai 2007


When we host international contest I normally get a couple of visitors staying in my flat. And this year I had Ian Mason, Brano Legersky and Jan Tulak coming . Ian came by boat and I met him at the Stavanger Harbour and showed him the way back to my place. But before Ian came I also had to take care of Kjell as his friend Kaare was still in Poland. Kjell came early and was mostly out practicing. I was mostly sick with the flu..... On Thursday I picked up my good friends Brano and Jano from the Airport. Brano did not get to fly much, he was unlucky in the very difficult conditions on Friday and got only to fly one round before the earth came and claimed his Aris. But Brano was here mostly to relax and have some holidays and he took it very nicely. One should think that he could just get another Aris as he and Jano is running the Aerodesign company who makes the Aris. It is not so easy as the orderbooks is pretty packed and customers is waiting. Well I think Brano has one more Aris at home so he will be OK. Sunday Ian left and we went to Rennesoy to fly the contest. After the contest we did some sightseeing and had a small trip around Rennesoy and Mosteroy before a little detour via Stavanger before we visited my family. Next day I had to work and I sent Brano and Jano to the Pulpit Rock. I think they enjoyed it very much. In the evening I took them to the Bore Beach and the outlet of the Figgjo river where we took the pictures. What a nice evening, no wind, waves from the day before and I got to fly my Logostick.

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